If you use Twitter you may have already seen a URL tweeted like this:

Twitter Summary Card

However, you’ve also probably noticed not every tweet with a URL appears that way. That’s because not all websites support Twitter Cards.

In short, Twitter Cards let you display links more richly, by displaying a card
with more useful information than a simple URL. And the good news is, if you’re a website owner it’s very easy to update your website so that Twitter can display Twitter Cards for your website.

There are multiple types of cards you can use, namely:

The other day I was solving an Exercism.io exercise that involved calculating the frequency of letters in multiple texts in parallel using only a specific number of “workers”. This same exercise helped me stumble into Task.async_stream/3 and Task.async_stream/5 .

For those unfamiliar with the Task module here's the description you can find on Elixir's documentation:

Conveniences for spawning and awaiting tasks.

Tasks are processes meant to execute one particular action throughout their lifetime, often with little or no communication with other processes. …

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